Jumat, 26 Februari 2010

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Girl Meets Underworld ebook

Girl Meets Underworld ebook

I have to admit I almost lost interest in the show after Season 5. Season 6 was pretty good I thought (Edward James Olmos in a villainous role was kind of fun and I thought he did a good job). But Season 7 has just been great and for so many reasons. First of all there are lots of very poignant jewels of wisdom in Dexter's reflections on life and these ring true even for those who are not serial killers. Second, they shifted the plot up in season 7 - it's not just Dexter against some new psycho, but rather Dexter in love with the new psycho, not to mention other interesting subplots, including one that develops in a big way and will lead us with great anticipation into the next season. This anticipation for the next season was something I didn't experience after season 5. But it's here in spades at the end of season 7! OK, and finally, the last reason I like this show is that it's often darkly humorous. Among other things, it's kind of funny bringing Sgt Doakes back into the picture - every time Doakes comes into the picture I just gotta laugh.. He's like a smaller version or Mr T, but on steroids!!! I really started enjoying this show once I accepted it for what it is - a show!! I don't demand perfect logic or beleivability in every scene, though I appreciate them when they're there.. but rather I am happy to enjoy the show in the same way I might enjoy a comic book. It has that quality about it, and it doesn't make it any the less enjoyable. Great screenplay writing in this season - very imaginative and creative and good on many levels. Now let's see how far they can push it! They've certainly crossed into new territory and seem to have backed themselves into a corner - well, that's what a good cliff-hanger's all about!

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  1. absolutely loved this book so much so that I spent over an hour looking through my kindle later on to read it again a month later cannot wait for the next book so I know what's going on