Senin, 12 Juli 2010

Nick Redfern - the Elvis Costello of monster hunting

One of only a handful of true, authentic monster hunters in the world today, his latest literary effort, "Memoirs of a Monster Hunter" affords the reader a glimpse behind the scenes of the experiences which were later chronicled in 2004's instant classic, "Three Men Seeking Monsters". Indeed 'Memoirs' works well as a companion volume, or sequel, to this excellent work. Redfern's fearless approach to both his occupation and his craft makes for a unique and interesting read the likes of which is seldom seen from his counterparts who hail from this side of the Atlantic. In "Memoirs"
Redfern shows that he is also equally adept and at ease discussing off topic subjects such as his love life, or fellow Brit buddy Jon Downs' devastating hemorriod attacks, as he is speaking about his monster hunting exploits. But, never fear, monsters abound inside this book's covers as well as other unexplained phenomena. From El Chupacabras to Bigfoot. From Goatman to ghostlights. Werewolves, vampire bats, HIV infected mosquitos. It's all in here! Redfern, with his affinity for punk rock music, zombie movies, black tee-shirts and good, strong ale, and armed with little more than a drink in one hand and his decidedly British sense of humor - almost casually finds himself repeatedly thrust into the most remote, isolated locations experiencing hair-raising adventures. This book leaves no stone unturned in its quest for answers concerning some of the world's strangest cryptids and comes highly recommended to anyone interested in Fortean phenomena. Humorous and interesting. Great fun! Excellent! 5 stars...

B.M.Nunnelly - author, "Mysterious Kentucky"

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