Rabu, 02 Juni 2010

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250 Pick Up Lines ebook

250 Pick Up Lines ebook

This exceptionally well-made bag is a little taller than your average crossbody bag, and the shoulder strap is wider, with a bit longer drop. The extra height means I can fit in not only my wallet, keys, shades, phone and various small essentials, but I can also slide in my iPad Mini (and still zip the bag)! It's as if the bag were designed with an iPad Mini in mind.

The two front pockets are nice and deep, but I'm not sure what I'll use them for since anything other than a piece of paper will cause them to bulge. They're also not secure enough for anything as valuable as a smartphone. The back zipper pocket is nice and deep. I'm using that for my iPhone, headphones and a small, collapsible phone stand -- all of which fits with only the slightest bulge. Even when full, the bag keeps a flat-ish silhouette and sits fairly close to the body.

The leather is butter-soft, the stitching very secure, and the hardware nice and solid. The lining is thick satin, pale yellow with the Piazza logo in brown. Altogether well-designed and well-built!

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