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Pilot HD

Pilot HD

It is fabulous to finally hear from Amanda. After all the other books, tabloids, movies, and websites had their say about Amanda Knox, it is good to finally hear from her (and shocking that some people think she shouldn't write her own book after all that has been said about her). It is clear that she is a warm, articulate, smart, down-to-earth person. It has been clear to me from the beginning that she is 100% innocent. For all those wondering why she would enter the apartment with the door ajar and blood speckles in the bathroom, it would be even more inexplicable for her to enter the apartment if she had actually committed the murder (why would she come back 12 hours later - she would have fled)! If she was the murderer, why in the world would she call Meredith's phone (which led to it being found). I could go on and on, but this isn't the place for that. This is one of the most horrendous stories about justice gone wrong - to be imprisoned is bad enough, add the financial burden, but mostly the media storm that still goes on to this day. Ironic that Amanda has been convicted of slander when she has been slandered more than anyone else I can think of, by the media, other books, etc.

This is also a great story of love from her family and all that they did. Amanda speaks openly about very personal matters. She is apologetic for some of her actions but she just never did anything wrong at all. The police and prosecution and media turned everything she did into something deviant. While I had a great grasp of the facts of the case for the past many years, this certainly has given me a much better sense of Amanda, the person. Her personality, thoughts, emotions all come alive on the pages.

I would hope that larger issues like corrupt prosecutors (here in the U.S. too) refusing to admit errors, false journalism, hate spewed from websites will be addressed after this tragedy though I doubt it will. Seems odd to me that cyberbullying and teenage suicide is taken so seriously, yet people have been cyberbullying Amanda and her family for years. Very sad and tragic. I wish Amanda and her family the very best. And her parents should win Parents of the Year award.

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  1. This show is a must-watch. Elements of humor and politics in the modern world - easily HBO series quality. Keep this one.

  2. Jeanne Pacheco26 Oktober 2011 05.32

    This show is awesome! I love John Goodman he's funny and shoots it straight. The take on inside politics is great! Awesome first episode.

  3. Clayton Houston17 Oktober 2012 06.32

    I had fairly low expectations, but I ended up really liking this show. I thought it was funny and did a great job of highlighting some of the ridiculousness that goes on in politics. John Goodman was fantastic as a jaded, surly senator from NC, and I liked all the characters much more than I think I'd like their real-life counterparts. The Stephen Colbert wrestling match at the end was a particularly nice touch! I'd like to see the show continue and I'll definitely tune-in if it does.

  4. Very sharp dialogue; Goodman is at his best. The character development is solid, the storyline is believable and the politics of re-election are on point! I know, I've been on a Senate staff.

  5. Joseph Carpenter21 November 2012 07.32

    Ok. I'll fess up. I'm a political junkie. And a huge John Goodman fan.

    And Alpha House feeds that beast.

    Very well done - there are layers to this. Watch the staffers. Entire cast plays off of each other - wonderfully. The obsession with the mobile phones. Bill Murray and Colbert cameos.

    I did not see that Gary Trudeau (Doonesbury fame) wrote/created this until the end credits. But yay for that.

    This show has legs, and I want to see more of it. Highly recommended.

  6. I was extremely surprised at how much I liked this show. It's intelligently written. What most surprised me was the production quality. Could pass as a show on HBO.

  7. Erin Rasmussen23 Oktober 2013 13.32

    Watched with my spouse after the kids went to bed and were laughing out loud. Smart, funny, and loving John Goodman's character! Can't wait to see more episodes (I keep checking back to see if a new one has been posted)!

  8. Jeannette Tillman12 November 2013 08.32

    First off I am fairly conservative (more fiscally than socially, but still) and I was able to laugh at the humor. Although it poked fun at Republicans, I didn't feel like it was too mean spirited. The jokes were dirty, but not out of bounds. I loved Gil John, mainly because John Goodman is a boss. The scene in the basement with the shotguns cracked me up, and the line about his campaigning being about 2 national championships and an undefeated season were classic.

    I also liked the other senators and the contrast they can bring to the show.

    One request Amazon, MORE BILL MURRAY. I also think some balance with some Democratic senators could bring some levity and balance to the show as well. Overall, I hope this show keeps going.

  9. Finally a show that makes politics more accessible by removing the "smoke and mirrors" people have about it these days. Although this show obviously puts a comedic twist to the life of a senator, it's still nice to get some political knowledge from it, especially the "social aspect" of how Senators are just like everyone else, only difference is his/her job. This show is going to BLOW UP and I'm thinkin it'll be the next "Office" with fan's quoting funny scenarios and dialogues.

  10. William Blackburn29 Desember 2013 08.32

    Alpha House caught my attention first out of the new Amazon originals, being politically centered and starring John Goodman. I wasn't disappointed! I thought the pilot was hilarious! I can't wait for the next episode to come out! Bravo to Amazon for one of my new favorite shows!