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Revenge Not So Pretty Girl Carolita Blythe

Revenge Not So Pretty Girl Carolita Blythe

I was totally captivated reading this riveting international thriller. I was bounced back and forth from the beer gardens and streets of Munich to the deserts of Saudi Arabia. This story kept me totally involved from beginning to end and all points in between.

B.J. is a happily married man, a career in the advertising business and content with his life. He starts to have dreams about a woman named Dabbie who is a stranger to him and as the dreams progress and continue he discovers that he is the man in the dreams with her. When the dreams turn into nightmares they begin to threaten not only his marriage but his sanity and stability as well. Ultimately, as the dreams overpower him, he sets out for Munich to confront his demons head-on. What happens from that point on is an engagingly powerful set of circumstances that will keep you on the edge.

Stan has just arrived in Saudi Arabia to start a new job and to make a new start with his wife. When his wife does not arrive as planned and there is no sign of her very existence his life is turned upside down as he is thrown into and experiences a nightmare of his own.

The characters are extremely well developed and believable. Their frustrations, fears and panic as they set about on their separate journeys will grab you, fill you with compassion and haunt you as the story unfolds.

I highly recommend this book to all readers who like to be totally captivated and swept away.

Marilou George ~ The Kindle Book Review

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