Selasa, 25 Mei 2010

great mattress cover

Plus Seersucker Pants Drawstring Check

Plus Seersucker Pants Drawstring Check

Overall this is a great, quality product. I've had several types of these covers over the years. The Hospitology cover is equal in qualty to ones for which I've paid 2-3x the price. I especially like that several felt/flanel self-sticking pads are included with the cover. Sharp metal edges on bed frames are the biggest killer of these products. Kudos for Hospitology for thinking of this an including a solution with their product.

I have also experienced excellent customer service with Hospitology. When I received my encasement, it had some yellow-orange stains on it. I immediately sent feedback to the seller and initiated a product exchange. The next day I received an email from the seller explaining that this was an unfortunate, but common side effect from flame retardant coating they use on their products, and it could be remedied with a run through the washer. Sure enough, one trip through the wash cycle and the encasement was pure white! The product comes with thorough washing/drying instructions, so if you wash it, make sure you follow them. To be safe, I let my cover air dry (prior experience with another brand).

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