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Leslie Designer Diaper Charlie Mustard

Leslie Designer Diaper Charlie Mustard

OMG I loved it! I have been looking forward to reading Sealed with a Curse ever since I read Cecy Robson Novella The Weird Girls. I enjoyed her written so much. From the moment I opened the book I was drawn into her world and could not put it down. So much action, adventure, and romance blooming.

I enjoy each of the Wird sisters. They all have unique abilities and personalities that add to the story. I just loved Celia in this book. Her funny reportorial kept me laughing thought the book, she is strong, and lonely, but does not let that loneliness stop her from doing what must be done.
Being introduced to the the hunky wolf Aric was great. I loved the connection you see growing between Celia and Aric as well as the other sisters getting set up with their hunky wolfs.

This story has everything a paranormal romance book should have; lots of action, the sisters, love, flirts, smoking hot men and your favorite paranormal beings but most important a lot of fun!

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