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Almost Guaranteed to Love It

Love Realized Real Series ebook

Love Realized Real Series ebook

I can't possibly imagine a better value for your money. I have owned this dishwasher for over two years now, and I use it on average 2-4 times a week. I have only had the slightest issue with this dishwasher, and it was simply that the soap compartment would not open all the way during the wash cycle. It seem to be hitting on the top rack. I had some success if I just remembered to push the top rack in all the way, it has some rubber seals on the connectors in the back, and there is in all the way, and then in snug all the way, another 1/2 inch or so. Though that did not seem to always fix the problem. I never called for service or repair, as that is generally a much greater hassle than other options. The best solution that I have found is to use liquid or gel dishwasher detergent, this completely rinses into the wash cycle, without any problems.

The dishwasher cleans very well. Since this model is hundreds of dollars cheaper than most competing models on the market, I was not very optimistic, but it has certainly proven its ability. The entire reason I purchased this dishwasher was because I HATE washing dishes. And as such, I HATE pre-washing dishes. So unless my dishes have some great amount of burnt or crusted on food, everything goes straight into the dishwasher, and usually comes out sparkling clean. The cycles are quite long. I usually use the second longest cycles, and it take over two hours.

The capacity is certainly as large as advertised. The bottom rack has plenty of room for large pots and pans, along with the silverware rack. The top rack has two height settings, on the lower setting, I can fit almost any height of cups or glasses, sandwich plates, bowls and smaller dishes, and even some smaller pans.

Overall, I am completely satisfied with this purchase. This is my first Danby product, but after owning this product, I would not hesitate to purchase another, or recommend the brand to a friend. And honestly, if this dishwasher broke today, I would instantly re-purchase the same model, as I feel that I have already gotten my monies worth.

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  1. Christopher Head13 November 2011 12.32

    I've read Fifty Shades and now the Crossfire series. I'm looking for some good reads that are similar. I really like the alpha male vibe. Not huge into the BDSM, Fifty Shades is about as far as I go! But again I really like the alpha male that both Christian and Gideon are! Any good recommendations for me would be very helpful!! Thanks!! :)

  2. I need a new book to read for this summer! I am an 18 year old girl about to start college so I don't want anything childish. I like romance books about teenagers. Not really Nicholas Sparks. Some of my favorite books are the Hunger Games, Pretty Little Liars and others like that. Also, if you could add what the books about that would be great. Thanks!