Minggu, 28 Maret 2010

best todd cd in 40 years

State Deluxe Limited Edition Set

State Deluxe Limited Edition Set

like most of todd's music, there is both an immediacy and complexity to his songs, that will draw you in to catchy hooks, melodies, and riffs, and let you keep listening and discovering after several listens. "state" has no throwaways, and fewer weak moments since "new world order."

his tendency to overproduce is greatly restrained here; in fact there's a lot of silence. and complaints of the death of bass in his production are proven to have been premature. the bass kicks.

as always, todd is a brilliant producer, mixing his poetry of great depth, with unique, interwoven instruments, and arrangements. his voice sounds fresh, and unlike live performances, hits all the notes, and gives you something to sing after finally turning off the cd.

gotta go play "imagination" again...

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  1. starting from the one back in 1935 to pirates of the caribbean, i know there are a lot , and if someone could give me as many as you can find that would be great, i would appreciate it .. thanks

  2. I plan on buying an Epiphone Limited Edition Studio Deluxe Les Paul and a set of EMG-ZW pickups. What is a good amp for this guitar? I've heard some amps sound bad depending on the pickups. I need something between 15-65watts I guess.