Jumat, 26 Maret 2010

Excellent and pleasant solution for your depressing monthly problem!

LadyCup Pink Guava mall 022

LadyCup Pink Guava mall 022

I was told by a friend about menstrual cup and I did a lot of research before buying one. I used this product comparison chart http://menstrualcups.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/www-clothpads-org_cupcomparison_8-11-11_1b.png

I read a lot of reviews also. I have a lot lighter flow compared to others. So I looked for the smallest cups and also ones they said soft and comfortable. So it came down to Ladycup, Mooncup and Lunette cups. Out of all three, Ladaycup was most affordable and also very attractive packaging. ( I love the cute bag! yes it's nice to have something pretty to deal with this unpleasant experience.)

It feels so comfortable and I don't feel anything at all once I put it in. It feels so clean and I can sleep with it and no stain on bedsheets anymore!
Plus, it feels great to be environmentally responsible. (No more extra nasty stuff added to your bathroom trash!) And no chemicals in your body and no TSS risks associated with tampons.

I HIGHLY recommend this to every woman out there.

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