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Hello Kitty Pillow Travel Cushion

Hello Kitty Pillow Travel Cushion

Ella was tired of trying to save someone who didn't seem to want to be saved. She finally sets out to realize her own dreams. Getting her foot in the door of Corretti Media is the first step in seeking her ultimate goal - a director in motion pictures! However, Ella finds that she may not get that achievement with the charismatic Santo, but she could still find her lust fulfilled since she is looking to walk away anyway. Santo has just watched his family life go through the ringer and now his somewhat reliable PA is making noises about leaving. Santo doesn't want to see her go, but he is willing to accept her in his bed as she wouldn't mix business and pleasure before.

A Legacy of Secrets was a steamy, passionate romance that towed the line of slight erotica with a particular scene. I was actually wondering if I was really reading an HP at that point and perhaps I was interpreting the scene erroneously. I liked that Ella had Santo panting after her and that she was able to push him away at some points, but I did find that she seemed to want things both ways at times as Santo accused her of in A Legacy of Secrets.

I actually felt sorry for Santo a few times in A Legacy of Secrets because he did truly come to care for Ella and he had no idea that she felt that for him when she was forced to fob off his exes for him. I liked that Santo wanted Ella much more than she let on about her desires in A Legacy of Secrets. I have to admit that I wanted some blood evening up the score for Ella at one point too, but I settled for what I was presented with in the end.

The fact that she was a mystery that he desperately tried to resolve was intriguing and seemed to keep him involved in A Legacy of Secrets and that bodes well for the two of them. I just had such a good time finding a hero that fell for the heroine, while she teased him a bit, that I Joyfully Recommend A Legacy of Secrets.

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  1. I bought this for my granddaughter, a 'Hello Kitty' fan, who always wants my travel pillow on long car trips. She absolutely loved it!