Selasa, 23 Maret 2010

Teton 4000 internal frame back pack

TETON Sports Explorer Internal Backpack

TETON Sports Explorer Internal Backpack

It has been a very long time since my wife and I have been in the outdoors. I purchased this pack as part of our plans to get out and see more of Florida. Our first outing was around six hours of hiking on an extended day trip to test out our equipment. I had this pack loaded down with a lot more gear than we would need so we could see how things would work out for longer trips. The pack did everything I asked it to and more. It was a long hike for our first time out and I had no issues with the pack. Even though it was not adjusted perfectly, I had no discomfort with the pack.

The capacity of the pack was a little less than I had hoped for, but that was not a problem with the pack, it was me trying to pack everything possible for a day trip. The pack held a lot for its rated size. The sleeping bag compartment worked like a charm and I was able to get a lot into the pack interior. I am a little over 6'2" and the pack fit very well. The exterior pockets worked great and the cap was perfect.

I may get a larger TETON pack and give this one to my wife, or I may just get her a matching pack. She is currently using a much smaller, lower quality pack. I would recommend this pack to new backpackers for its quality, features and of course price.


After the first overnight trip I ran into a problem with the hip belt. When the pack was loaded I was unable to get the hip belt to stay put and bear its share of the load. The result was the belt would slip and the weight ended up on my shoulders, which was very uncomfortable. If I cannot solve this issue this will be a very large day pack.

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  1. I need a backpack for well backpacking and this one looks like it is good and it has good reviews but would it fit a 5' 3" girl?