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Angels, Demons, Zombies and the end of the world all rolled into one......

Revelation A Novel Seven Signs

Revelation A Novel Seven Signs

I'm going today that this book uses the "F" word in the most hilarious way EVER!!! Hahaha I like to lost it reading that! I was laughing so hard I snorted! Multiple times! Hehehe I'm still giggling! And yes it's about Angels... But they are bad, but oh so good let me explain that sentence- they are bad enough that they don't live in heaven but not bad enough to lose their good graces or wings. Wings are hot! And I fanatically love the names! And I'm so glad I don't live in their world cuz they scare me!

Lune is the angel here and he's on a mission for himself. Something's gone wrong. His brother is missing, people are dying, things are getting suspicious and no one seems to know what's going on. He's definitely got the alpha male thing going for him and he's not the quiet type, he is actually full of sarcastic remarks and an earful of crazy LOL! And he is willing to do anything to find out what happened to his brother and why all these apocalyptic things are happening! He's definitely a HAWT piece!

Dr Sterling is your Dr who's a medical examiner and is bent on finding a way to end this crazy virus spreading around killing people... Until she opens a body bag that's exploding with feathers hahahaha I can't go further into that because of spoilers but it's pretty funny! She's got some trust issues and some no nonsense with makes but Lune is gunna give her a run for her money! She's an Indepentent woman and she's worked very hard to get where she is and trust me with her past it was hard work. I loved her reaction and relationship with Lune. It seems like it took Eons for them to finally get "their moment"!

This story is NOT your average angel story. Some of these angels take their earth leave to an extreme and their actions are just nuts... Makes you wonder who the good guys are sometimes. And the secondary characters are not lacking, as Dash is awesome! The writing is so unlike any other you can't really compare it. It's full of action and intense suspense and humor and sometimes gore and kinky things. Just read it!! It's not like those cute little kid angels that statues are made from! You're in for a crazy wild ride! 4.5 CRAZY SCARY ANGELIC PAWS!! I can't wait to jump into book two now!

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