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Manhattan Portage J Bag Grey

Manhattan Portage J Bag Grey

Walking disaster

First let me say .. If you have not read Beautiful Disaster read that first. Walking Disaster is told from the POV of Travis.

Now if you know me.. You know I love Travis. This fictional bad boy stole my heart quite some time ago. Many have tried to take his top spot. Many have made valiant efforts. However Travis still remains. I have no words to describe how attached I am to his character.

The prologue devastates, crushes and crumples your heart. In one moment you indeed get it. You are giving the golden ticket to the inner makings of Travis. One simple moment that shaped him when he was just a boy. Such a small little man holding onto the words spoken to him by his first love. His Mother, heartbreaking!

Play. Visit Dad. Fight for what I love. That last thing bothered me. I loved Mommy, but I didn't know how to fight for her.

I have read this story before. I'm not even going to deny I have read this story a lot. However Walking Disaster changed it up a bit here and there. Let me look into the inner workings of Travis and see things from his side. Actually this side of things made me even more sure Abby at times was just .. Ugh! In BD I wanted to strangle her.. Reading his side I am convinced I wanted to hurt her physically. Rational of course not, just at times she did not play out well for me. Don't get me wrong.. I am not a hater of the girl. Just she is at times for lack of anything else a class a B! Moving past this the thoughts on her have been etched for some time. I just have not ever liked how she always wanted to get away from Travis . Lol!
I wish I had gotten more details in certain areas.. Such as the girls in apartment when Abby was at apartment. I think Travis not recalling anything .. Boo! I wanted details. For real! Haha!
Parker I thought you were no good in BD.. WD confirmed it you my man are smarmy! Brazil I adored you!
America - Shep and Finch.. Still heart you! I think I love Shep more than I did before to hear the conversations on the other side of the coin. It's an odd thing to know the story so well and yet .. Be given just a bit more. I don't think WD is any better than the first. I think they both stand on own. Equal and still have me loving my favorite bad boy of all!
Thank you for giving us just a glimpse inside his mind. Letting us see his past ..
Thank you a thousand times over for the epilogue! I love knowing what happens. I love catching a glimpse and dammit if that did not make me like Abby! Haha! In the end I caught a future Abby I could totally be friends with! Wow never saw that one coming. Read it.. Love it.. Such a wonderful edition to the story we all love!

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