Selasa, 06 April 2010

More functional and sturdier than most reusable bags

ChicoBag Reusable Shopping 28 5 Inch 6 25 Inch

ChicoBag Reusable Shopping 28 5 Inch 6 25 Inch

I bought one of these to supplement the WeVibe that we already had so that I could use this when we go out with our gfriend. I wasn't expecting much because the WeVibe's range is about 6-18 inches, but I thought it would still be fun to play around in public. We got the Tiani 2 and have used it several times, and they both love it! Not only is the range great (ours continued working up to a about 75 ft away as well as through walls and between the first and second floor in our house.. AMAZING!!!
There are several modes including 2 motion sensing modes and 6 preprogrammed (also intensity for the preprogrammed modes). Plenty of options to play with. Needless to say we bought a second unit and will be relegating the Wevibe to backup status (maybe even the trash).
Do yourself a favor and get one of these if you are considering it, it's worth every penny, and then some! PLEASE MAKE SURE TO READ THE DIRECTIONS because prior to that i only liked this unit. It is a little confusing to work with at first, but after taking 10 minutes to read the directions with the vibrator in hand, it is SO EASY AND FUN. Can't wait to go out with both of them and be able to have some real control.

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  1. This bag is marketed for tucking away in one's purse or pocket, to be used for shopping. It's great for that, but I use it for the reverse: in the morning, I'm carrying lunch items, newspapers and magazines, some of which I will dispose of after reading. Unlike most reusable shopping totes, this bag zips closed, and is as functional as a regular messenger bag, but can then tuck away in a pocket after it is empty.