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Covercraft Custom ReflecTect Fabric Silver

Covercraft Custom ReflecTect Fabric Silver

I own/have used the Shecup for years now and I LOVE IT!! While many other feminine cup makers have different sizes allowing for pre-birth and post-birth, Shecup only has one standard size. I also have 2 Meluna's (different sizes), and 1 yuuki.

Shecup is by far my favorite and most comfortable. But you will find that a lot of women will say that about their favorite cup as well. And this may be true for them and their brand because every woman is so different and unique. You might find one brand folds easier, or is easier to insert/remove than another. You really just have to go by trial and error, and while it will be costly, you may have to try many different brands to find THE ONE that works exceptionally well for you. That is how I ended up with 4 different sizes by three different manufacturers.

I also have to add that the Shecup customer service was exceptional. I had received a cup with a flaw that I felt was unhealthy, and they sent me a replacement immediately.

The Yukki is my largest for heavy flow days. It is fatter with a stiff rim, and has a long stem which you can cut to a comfortable length. The stem also helps in removal.

The Shecup has just a little ball nub which sometimes is hard to grab.

My small Meluna I use for light days. Meluna has a firmer outer rim, and aren't as flexible.

You can do a google search or go to the different makers .com websites for more info on the various cups so you can make an informed decision as to which cup might work best for you. They all have little variances to them that make each one unique.

As far as the bag is concerned, the Shecup bag is the best I have! It is very thin, light colored, and made from natural fiber, but I don't feel it will unravel anytime soon. I love the fact that it is all natural and thin because this allows for better drying if you have just discreetly washed your cup and have to place it in the bag to store. It also blends in nicely with the items in my purse, so if I happen to grab it out in front of someone they aren't going to know what it is. My meluna bag is a synthetic silk and it is huge. While I like the fact that it holds both cups at the same time, it is hardly discreet being bright purple.

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