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Slumberjack Latitude Degree Synthetic Sleeping

Slumberjack Latitude Degree Synthetic Sleeping

Once Upon a Prince certainly doesn't start off with a fairy tale feel as Susanna is dumped by her boyfriend Adam. They had been together since high school and now twelve years later she is expecting a proposal or at least that was "the plan". Susanna quickly finds out that when it comes to her life the more she plans the more things seem to fall to pieces. Thank goodness Nate is there to rescue her when her car has a flat tire the night Adam breaks up with her. Later he seemed to appear at the right moment when her father suffers a heart attack and she needs a ride to the hospital. For a girl who doesn't need/want saving she constantly finds herself at the mercy of Nate. When she quits her job he even hires her to redesign his father's garden at the cottage and she designs "A King's Garden. While Susanna's father is recovering Nate offers to help out at her family's business, The Rib Shack, where her mother puts him to work taking out trash and cleaning toilets.

When Susanna discovers Nate is really Nathaniel and he's a prince soon to be king she feels deceived. In his attempts to be honest with her he tries to explain an ancient Brighton law that would prevent he or anyone else in the royal family from marrying a foreigner. This revelation and the news Nate receives right after telling her this is a huge turning point in the novel. I won't talk say any more for fear of ruining the best part of the story so you'll have to read it yourself to find out what happens next!

The parts of the novel I found myself re-reading and taking a moment to think on were the ones in which Susanna ponders living her life according to God's will and examining her choices to see if she is giving him an opportunity to work in her life. In sharing this with Nate I believe it opened both their eyes and hearts to following God's plan for their lives and not being selfish but rather allowing their own desires to come second to those of the Lord.

With this being the first in the series I can't wait to see what the rest of the series holds!

I received this book free of charge from Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. My wife used this for a Lake Tahoe camping trip at the end of August. It was 40F outside and this kept her worm with just a pair of long-johns and a teeshirt on. It's easy to zip, get in and out, and pack. We didn't even attempt to fold it nicely for packing. Just shoving it in and packing it tight made it fit just fine. The little hood came in handy as it kept the top of the head worm. Pull the face drawstring in even more and all you have left is a tiny breathing hole for those nights when it get really cold.