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Oh Yeah Baby...

The Single Lady Series ebook

The Single Lady Series ebook

I absolutely loved this book by Tara Brown. She has a writing style that completely draws you into the story until you are left wanting more. I cannot wait for The End of Games to come out!

The story is about a newly widowed woman named Evie. She has just been devastated by the death of her husband. The grief of that does not last long after she finds out he has deceived her many times and in multiple ways. Now in the time that she should be grieving for her husband, Evie is worrying about the safety of herself and her children.

Faced to make decisions that she hasn't in a long time Evie is thrown back into her past. She is forced to recall all the training she has had as a military CI in order to ensure the safety of her children, mother, and sister. A young, handsome, and arrogant CI named Coop is chosen to bring her back into the life she left behind in order to become a mother. He is insulting, irratating, and yet there is still a sexy air that surrounds him.

Evie does the best with what she has been given in this new life. She is thrust into the arms of a suspected terrorist and arms dealer, made to do the unthinkable, and all the while expected to preform flawlessly. What she doesn't expect to happen is the feelings that begin to develop for the oh so sexy arms dealer.

This book is full of adventure and hot situations that can't help but to make you blush as you are reading. The End of Me is a fantastic new read from Tara Brown!

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